Tuesday, July 21, 2009

SVS 362 [Tharana: - 338] (37.2)

338. OM TARANAYA NAMA: तारणाय नम:
Enables skipping dangerous spots.

Bairagi Mutt is over 400 years old and is in Sowcarpet in Chennai. There are many sannidhis like for Sri Rama, Sri Varadaraja, Sri Ranganatha, Sri Puri Jagannatha, etc. Tiruadipooram is being celebrated enthusiastically. All the Five Acharyas have sannidhis here. Sri Andal is praised as 'perumboothur mamunikku pinnanaal vazhiye [பெரும்பூதூர் மாமுனிக்கு பின்னானாள் வாழியே]' - meaning 'long live She, Who became younger to Swami Ramanuja'. Though, Sri Andal appeared Thousands of years before Swami Ramanuja, because like an elder brother he fulfilled the wish of Sri Andal. Tarana means helps in crossing samsaram. The Lord takes us to Vaikuntam. In SVS 309 [Divine name 289 Jagatassetu:], it was told that the Lord acts as a Grand bridge for us to cross this samsara sagaram! We can not approach the Lord directly but through an Acharya or Purushakara. That is the simple and correct way! Swami Ramanuja considered Tiruppavai as his breath!

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