Friday, October 31, 2008

SVS 181 [Mahaveeryo -176] (19.2)

176. OM MAHAVEERYAYA NAMA: महा वीर्याय नम:
Does not undergo change or vikara.

Once Swami Ramanuja arrived at Thirumala. As he was climbing the Hill, Swami Thirumalai Nambi came from Hill top to receive Swami Ramanuja. As he was elder than and uncle of Swami Ramanuja, Swami Ramanuja was embarrassed and quipped that someone lesser in status [சிறியவர்] could have been sent to receive him. Swami Thirumalai Nambi replied that he could not find anyone lesser than him in status! This shows the humility of the people in those times. Swami Adi Van Satakpa Jeer, founder of Sri Ahobila Mutt was born in Purattasi - Kettai. For the same reason of Brahmotsavam in Thirumala, his birthday also is celebrated in Aippasi - Kettai. Thus in Thiruppathi, in the month of Aippasi, on the Three consecutive days of Anusham, Kettai and Moolam are celebrated the birthdays of, respectively, Swami Thirumalai Nambi, Swami Adi Van Satakopa Jeer and Swami Manavala Mamunigal. The Lord has great bravery. He is not afraid; but others are afraid of Him. When Hanuman entered the assembly of Ravana, he got panicky seeing Hanuman. A fragrant flower stirs up our emotions; but does the flower ever get stirred up? No. Likewise on seeing the Lord others squirm; but the Lord remains steady. Mahaveerya means unchanged. Avikaraya also means changeless. Sri Rama never changed His words also. He keeps up His word. Even when He was ordered by Kaikeyi to go to forest in exile, His face remained as fresh as a lotus flower.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

SVS 180 [Mahabuddhir -175] (19.1)

175.OM MAHA BUDDHAYE NAMA: महा बुद्धये नम:
Capable of knowing all, at the same time.

Swami Thirumalai Nambi belonged to Chottai kulam [lineage] and so is related to Swami Nathamuni. He used to bring daily water from Papavinasam, to the Lord of Seven Hills. This distance he daily walked in spite of his old age, the forest route and lack of many facilities we have now. Because service was his motto! Once the Lord wanted to play with him. Swami Thirumalai Nambi was bringing water from the distant Papavinasam. On the way, the Lord in the guise of a hunter boy, intercepted him and sought water for drinking. Swami Thirumalai Nambi declined as the water was for the Lord. As he walked away, the Boy with the arrow made a hole in the pot and drank the water. Swami Thirumalai Nambi tried to catch the Boy to punish, but the Boy ran away and vanished. When he was exasperated and did not know what to do, the Lord Sri Venkatesa appeared and comforted and said that he need not struggle to get water from that far off Papavinasam, but could get from Akashganga, nearby. Even now the water from Akashganga is brought by the successors of Swami Thirumalai Nambi and they celebrate once a year Thanneer Thiruvizha [தண்ணீர் திருவிழா]. We call a person as buddhiman [புத்திமான்], if he is intelligent and knows many things. Sri Krishna went to sage Sandeepani as a student and served the teacher as students did in gurukula vasam [குரு குல வாசம்]. But in mere 64 days He learnt all the 64 arts! But why should the all-knowing Lord learn anything from anyone? To demonstrate to the World, that one should learn from a proper teacher only! Swami Nathamuni, the great grand father of Swami Thirumalai Nambi, learnt Naalayira Divya Prabhandam from Nammalwar, in Yoga. In Devarahasyam, Swami Nathamuni says that the Lord is capable of knowing all things at all times.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

SVS 179 [Mahabala: - 174] (18.10)

174. OM MAHABALAYA NAMA: महा बलाय नम:
He was asahaya soora [Person with unassisted valour]

The Lord addressed him as thatha [तात:] -father. So, he becomes the grand father of lord Brahma! {Varuna is called Prachotas [प्रचोतस]; his son Valmiki is therefore, called Prachetas[प्राचेतस]}. He taught Swami Ramanuja Eighteen intricate meanings of Valmiki's Srimad Ramayana, so as to propagate in the World. He was Acharya of Swami Ramanuja. He is Sri Saila Poorna or Swami Thirumalai Nambi. He was the maternal uncle of Swami Ramanuja. He served the Lord Sri Venkatesa at Thirumala. His sannidhi is in the South Mada street in Thirumala. From his sannidhi, we will study today's [29th October 2008] Divine name mahabala:. He was born in Purattasi [புரட்டாசி] in the star anusha[அனுஷம்]. Since in Purattasi month Brahmotsavam of the Lord is celebrated in Thirumala, this Acharya's birthday is celebrated in the next month, Aippasi [ஐப்பசி], at Sri Govindaraja temple in Thirupathi. Balam [बलम] means strength, shown by the well formed shoulders. Swami Shankaracharya cites the incident of the Lord holding up Govardhana hill. Once Ravana went to Patal lok, where Maha Bali was reigning and where the Lord guarded Maha Bali's palace. Since the Lord as Sri Rama was to appear and kill Ravana, the Lord thought that was not the appropriate time to fight with Ravana and so, He hid Himself. Ravana entered and found a huge ear ring on the floor. It was the ear ring worn by Hiranyakasipu and when Lord Sri Narasimha, fought with and killed him, at that time this ear ring was thrown away and fell in Patal lok! Ravana desired to have it and so tried to lift, but could not, in spite of using his full strength; and, his hands got stuck. One can imagine, if that ear ring was worn by Hiranyakasipu, what his strength was? And, what the strength of the Lord was, to overpower Hiranyakasipu?! The Lord got Ravana released from the embarrassing position, without his knowledge! This shows the hollow boast of Ravana. Sri Rama, singlehanded and without the least fatigue, killed 14,000 rakshasas. Swami Desika addresses Him as Asahaya soora! His prowess was seen in Viswamitra's yagna; in humiliating the challenge thrown by Sri Parasurama. Balam is the Third quality of the Lord called Sri Bhagavan.

vedyO vaidyah sadAyOgee veerahA mAdhavO madhuh | atheedriyO mahAmAyo mahOtsAho mahAbalah || (18)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

SVS 178

Today's [28th October 2008] lecture was a re-telecast of SVS 3.

Friday, October 24, 2008

SVS 177 [Mahabala: -174] (18.10)

174. OM MAHABALAYA NAMA: महा बलाय नम:

The timings of Bhagavad Gita Program and Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam Program, today [24th October 2008] clashed as SVS program was preponed by 15 minutes. Hence, we could not listen to SVS and so we are unable to reproduce the contents of the lecture. We regret for the inconvenience.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

SVS 176 [Mahotsaho -173] (18.9)

173. OM MAHOTSAHAYA NAMA: महोत्साहाय
Highly enthusiastic in protection of devotees.

The Lord desires us to come to Him to worship, even if it is for some materialistic needs. He is ever enthusiastic to help us, is indicated by the Divine name mahotsaha [maha + utsaha]. Because of utsaham or enthusiasm, He arrived instantly to save Gajendra. This enthusiasm only made Him to send sarees to Draupati to save her chastity. None of our relatives will help in our crises, but the Lord will always help us. When He helps, He does not see the status of persons to be helped. In the forests, Sages complain to Sri Rama about the atrocities of rakshasas, and the Lord promised to save them and enthusiastically demolished 14,000 rakshasas, single handed.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

SVS 175 [Mahamayo -172] (18.8)

172. OM MAHAMAYAYA NAMA: महामायाय नम:
Screens Himself by Maya, from those not surrendering unto Him.

We are in Sri Rama temple in Narasimhapuram, popularly known as Chenaparatti [செனபரட்டி]. It is situated on the banks of river Amaravati, in Karur district and near Puliyur, where Sri Vradaraja is gracing. Temple is in a very dilapidated condition. Maha maya means possessing astonishing capacities. Athindriya suggested that He could not be realized by senses; but only by Vedas. Those who do not worship Him, can not see Him, as a screen maya is preventing from realizing. Maya is prakruti. The Lord lifted up Govardana hill for seven days. It is beyond our imagination. In Sri Nrusimha Avatar, He was [and is] in everything. He was born with Four Arms with conch, discus and mace, to Devaki as Sri Krishna. Yet, Devaki was mesmerized to realize the Child as the Lord. He is larger than Universe, yet smaller than atom!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

SVS 174 [Athindriyo -171] (18.7 )

171. OM ATHEENDRIYAYA NAMA: अतीन्द्रियाय नामा:

Today's [21stOctober 2008] lecture is from Sri Rama sannidhi in Narasingapuram, now known as Chanaparatti, Karur district. This village was granted to Rani [queen] Mangammal's commander Chennappa Reddy. It is a small temple with Sri Rama along with Sri Sita and Lakshmana. This temple also needs help from devotees for renovation. Athindriya means more excelling than Indra; and this is what was explained in the last few Divine names. Now, the Lord's Six important qualities [gyana, shakti, bala, aiswarya, veera and tejas] are described. in the Divine name 56 [SVS 62] agrahaya means not graspable. Same meaning is understood here. We can not see with our eyes the Lord, though we see Him in Archa [Idol] form in temples. Similarly, our eyes or other sense organs and mind can not comprehend Him. Only with His blessings we can visualize Him. For this pure mind is needed.

Monday, October 20, 2008

SVS 173 [Madhu: - 170] (18.6)

Sweet like honey, to devotees.

One who chants SVS with unshakable faith, abundantly gets wealth, fame, victory and learning.We are studying today's [29th October 2008] Divine name madhu: in Chintalavadi, in Sri Narasimha temple. This place has good accommodation and eating facilities. If vaideekam or the path of Vedas has to remain, then go samrakshanam or protection of cows, is necessary. Poojas are performed in conformity with Sri Madwa sampradaya. When we chant the Divine names of the Lord, we can feel the sweetness of nectar or honey.The Lord is portrayed as an infant chewing His toe. Perhaps, He is verifying the taste experienced by devotees!

Friday, October 17, 2008

SVS 172 [Madhavo - 169] (18.5)

169. OM MADHAVAYA NAMA: माधवाय नम:
Grants 'Ma' - the brahma gyana.

Madhava means He blesses us with Gyana. Earlier [SVS 79 and Divine name 73], Divine name Madhava was interpreted as the Consort of Sri Maha Lakshmi. In the Divine name veera it was mentioned that apart from destroying enemies, the Lord also destroys all who interpret Vedas wrongly [குதர்க்கம்]. Thus, this Divine name is a logical follow up. He blesses with Gyana of the Lord. Prahalada says that it is the correct duty, which fetches us the Lord. Our present education does not add to our knowledge as it will not fetch us the eternal bliss. Swami Desika says our education is a burden [சுமையான கல்வி].

Thursday, October 16, 2008

SVS 171 [Veeraha - 168] (18.4)

168. OM VEERAGNE NAMA: वीरघ्ने नम:
Destroyer of persons, who attempt to destroy illogically, Paramatma gyana.

We are in Chintalavadi, near Karur. Lord Sri Narasimha appeared in the dream of a person from Srimushnam. He came to this place and explained his dream to a washerman; the surprised washerman, removed the washing stone and both were perplexed to see Lord Sri Narasimha, in Yoga pose, on the back of the washing stone. Thereafter a temple was constructed. Veera is one of the names of Lord Sri Narasimha in Mantraraja pada stotram. Eliminates the enemies of devotees, like Hiranyakasipu. He cans not be vanqiuished by enemies; but He Himself decides to be defeated by His devotees. That is why in Mahabharata war, He forsake His vow to keep up Bheeshma's vow. But single handedly Sri Rama destroyed 14,000 rakshasas to protect the sages in Janasthana. He destroys those wrecking Vedas, and remains victorious.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

SVS 170 [Sadayogi - 167] (18.3)

167. OM SADAYOGINE NAMA: सदायोगिने नम:
Always enthusiastic in the actions mentioned earlier.

In the Divine name Vaidya, we learnt that the Lord is Doctor and Medicine. Sadayogi means always alert. In many temples the Lord is in reclining pose. It gives an impression that the Lord is sleeping. But actually, He is alert and scholars say pretending to sleep [தூங்குவான் போல் யோகு செய்யும்]. Alert in protecting this Universe. King Bhoja, once realized that his end was nearing and so after handing over the Kingdom, he decided to write about Sri Rama in gadyam [prose order] and padyam [poetic]. The latter was Champu Ramayana. In that he deploys the word sadayogi. He is always alert to the distress calls of His devotees, like Draupati or Prahalada. Some people asked Swami Parashara Bhatta, to suggest easy way to remember the Lord. He told them to remember beach. When Sri Rama wanted to cross the ocean to reach Lanka, monkeys helped in constructing bridge. In the daytime they were busy in building the dam and in the night they were asleep in tiredness. At that time Sri Rama and Lakshmana were guarding the monkeys, with bow and arrows in hand. Because Demons are nisacharas, that is active in night. By remembering beach we can always remember that He is always there to protect.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

SVS 169 [Vaidyo -166] (18.2)

166. OM VAIDYAYA NAMA: वैद्याय नम:
Knows the remedy to eliminate births and deaths for those who meditate on Him.

The Lord is called Veda pratipadyan, meaning He can be realized only by Vedas. We are to see His names as Doctor and Medicines. We see specialist for each organ. Our chronic disease, continuing in so many births - samsaram - is being cured by the Lord. Sometimes medicines are so bitter that the patient might prefer disease to medicine! But here the medicine Moksham is ever pleasing. In SVS, we see the result - phala फल - for chanting. 'Artha vishanna.....', SVS is a simple medicine to cure the most dreaded diseases. Achyutaananthagovinda namochcharana beshaja - anything taken with chanting Sri Achyuta, Sri Ananta and Sri Govinda, will itself become a मेडीसिन.

Monday, October 13, 2008

SVS 168 [Vedhyo - 165] (18.1)

165. OM VEDHYAYA NAMA: वेद्याय नम:
By exhibiting His eminence in Avatars, everyone is made to recognize Him

Yudhishtra after learning so many on Dharma from Bheeshma on the bed of arrows, requests the grandfather to tell him, which was the most important dharma in Bheeshma's opinion and by chanting whose name all can sublime to the highest level -Moksham. That is why our elders have prescribed chanting SVS as the means to achieve Moksham. On October 19th, Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Yagnam is programmed to be performed in Madurai, with the aim of World peace.
Vedhya means the Lord is recognizable or realizable, for the devotees. But we should know that we can understand Him only if we realize that we have limited capacity to understand Him.

Friday, October 10, 2008

SVS 167 [Yama: - 164] (17.12)

164. OM YAMAYA NAMA: यमाय नम:
Commanding everything from within as Antharyami.

Today's [10th October 2008] is from Thiruvallur, actually Thiru Evvalur [திரு எவ்வளூர்]. This temple is administered by Sri Ahobila Mutt. The Lord is called Sri Vaidya Veera Raghava [ஸ்ரீ வைத்ய வீர ராகவன்]. An important festival takes place on Purattasi Thiruvonam. It is Swami Desika's birthday, celebrated everywhere. On this night, Sri Veera Raghava leaves for Sri Perumbuthur, birth place of Swami Ramanuja, to bless Swami Vedanta Desika in the temple. Kavitarkika Simham is blessed by Sri Raghava Simham! Yama means commander. Upanishads say that the Lord is inside the soul to command and rule. Because of shastras there is discipline and civilization. The Majestic appearance of the Lord confirms that He is the Commander of the Universe.

upendrO vamanah prAmshur amOGHah shuchir-oorjithah | atheendras-sangrahaa-sargO dhruthAthmA niyamO yamah || (17)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

SVS 166 [ Niyamo - 163] (17.11)

163. OM NIYAMAYA NAMA: नियमाय नम:
Destroys enemies of His devotees.

Niyama means controllable. He controls others. The uncontrollable Lord was controlled by Yasoda! He can be controlled by devotees. He controlled Maha Bali, because of his pride. Even when Gopikas took pride that the Lord was dear to them, the Lord played hide and seek, to teach them that pride should not be mixed with devotion. He controls devotees if they exhibit pride. He controls enemies of devotees also. Today's lecture is also from Kattavakkam. Let us pray Yoga Sri Lakshmi Narasimha.

Monday, October 6, 2008

SVS 165 [Sarga - 161, Dhrudatma - 162] (17.9, 17.10)

161. OM SARGAYA NAMA: सर्गाय नम:

162. OM DHRUTATMANE NAMA: ध्रुतात्मने नम:

Today's lecture is from Kattavakkam, a village near Walajah on the way to Kanchipuram. A very huge Idol. Newly constructed temple. It is like Viswaroopam. Dhrutatma means He is like the life of devotees. Devotees consider the Lord as their soul. If they do not worship Him even for a day, it is fasting day for them. By taking birth as the Child of Kashyapa and Aditi, the Lord brought them back to life!

Friday, October 3, 2008

SVS 164 [Sangraha -160] (17.8) continued

160. OM SANGRAHAYA NAMA: [continued]

Thus Srinivasa came to Ahobilam and got inducted as Sanyasi by the Lord Sri Narasimha, Himself, in the guise of an elderly ascetic. Like Sri Ramapriya sprang into the hands of Swami Ramanuja in Delhi, Sri Lakshmi Narasimha, Sri Malola idol spramg into the hands of Sri Adivan Satakopa. Swami Desika says in Paduka Sahasram, that even those not familiar with Thiruvaimozhi or Tamil, are blessed easily by the Lord when they bend to get the Satari placed on their heads!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

SVS 163 [Sangra: - 160] (17.8)

160. OM SANGRAHAYA NAMA: संग्रहाय नम:
Easily perceivable by devotees.

Prapatye niravadyanam nishadyam guna sampadam | Charanam bhavapitanam satakopa muniswaram ||
Purattasi is called Bhadrapada [भाद्रपद] month - sacred month. In this month Thirumala Brahmotsavam takes place. In this month only Swami Desika, Swami Brahmatantraswatantra Jeer, Swami Periya Thirumalai Nambi [ uncle of Swami Ramanuja] and Swami Adi Van Satakopa Jeer [Founder of Sri Ahobila mutt] were born. Annamacharya is a disciple of Swami Adivan Satakopa Jeer. King Krishnadeva Raya, in his book on Sri Andal, Amuktamalyata, in Telugu, has praised Swami Adivan Satakopa in the 6th Chapter. He writes that this Swami could make even cooks in the mutt, great pundits. His birthday is Purattasi Kettai [Jyeshta].
The Lord is called agrahyaya, meaning not perceivable; but today's [2nd October 2008] Divine name sangraha means those devoted to Him, can easily perceive. Swami Adivan Satakopa, originally Srinivasacharya, was born in Melkote, near Mysore, but learnt in Kanchipuram under Swami Gadikasatam Ammal; and, he was ordained by the Lord Sri Narasimha to come to Ahobilam. With permission of his teacher, he reached Ahobilam. The Lord in the guise of an old sanyasi, preached mantras and inducted him into sanyasa asrama. He got the Sri Lakshmi Narasimha idol for daily worship. This is sangraha, easily perceivable.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

SVS 162 [Athindro -159] (17.7)

159. OM ATHINDRAYA NAMA: अतीन्द्राय नम:
Though born as Younger Brother of Indra, superior to Indra by Superlative powers.

Swami Kooratthalwan has composed Athimanusha sthavam. Though the Lord is born as Human, His powers are superlative that even Devas are unable to understand. For Seven days the Lord held Govardhana giri as an umbrella. He delighted the Gopikas and had married and bore children, yet maintained His celibacy. His mere touch by His feet converted the charred foetus to Parikshit. He could direct the soul of Jatayu to reach Vaikuntam.