Monday, July 20, 2009

SVS 361 [Ashokas - 337] (37.1)

337. OM ASHOKAYA NAMA: अशोकाय नम:
Removes sufferings.

Today's [20th July 2009] lecture is from Bairagi Mutt, in Chennai near Madras Central Railway station. We had seen this temple earlier [SVS 263 to SVS 266]. Here Sri Andal's festival is being celebrated. Ashoka vanam destroyed the sorrows of Sri Sita and Sri Rama. It is said that after Hanuman's visit its name got well established. When Sri Bhudevi asked the Lord as to what is the easy way to get redeemed as He redeemed Her, when abducted by Hiranyaksha. He said that if one chants His Divine name and meditates, when one's health was proper and all faculties of the body were functioning properly, then He is rescued even when in a death bed, one is lying like a log of wood. Sri Bhudevi, to spread this message descended on this earth as Sri Andal! This way we can wipe out all our sufferings! Tiru Adippooram is celebrated on 25th July 2009.

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