Tuesday, July 14, 2009

SVS 357 [Bruhadbhanu: - 334] (36.7)

334. OM BRUHADBHANAVE NAMA: ब्रुहद्भानवे नम:
Possesses great luminescence, always.

We are at Nasik. Sri Rama along with Sri Sita and Lakshmana lived here for long time and increased its sanctity. Godavari had a blemish of not informing Sri Rama, Ravana abducting Sri Sita, in spite of Her request and Sri Rama's prayer. This was removed when Godavari had Sri Goda's name! Nasika means nose in Sanskrit. When Soorpanaka, tried to misbehave with Sri Rama and Sri Sita, Lakshmana cut off her nose and ears and so this place is called Nasik. As usual, here also the river is not kept clean, making it unfit for bathing! Here there are Five banyan trees and so it is Panchavati!

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