Friday, May 22, 2009

SVS 325 [Addhrushyo - 305] (33.5)

305. OM ADDHRUSHYAYA NAMA: अद्धरुश्याय नम:
Possesses actions, which even persons like Markanteya, can never understand.

Sri Chakrapani along with Sri Vijayalakshmi Thayar is quite famous to relieve devotees of their problems.

There is a Sri Krishna temple in Thopputheru nearby. It is in shambles, requiring urgent help of devotees. Addhrushya means unexplainable deeds. Sage Markandeya, with all his devotion, could not understand the Lord's deeds.

Is it necessary to light oil lamps in our pooja room?
It is very auspicious to light such lamps in the morning and evening, even if electric lamps are there.

Which oil should be used?
We should never use cheap or wasted oil for lamps. Pure gingelly oil [sesame or til oil] or pure ghee are to be used. For specific remedies, other oils could be used; these could be obtained by approaching elders in the family.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

SVS 324 [Mahashana: - 304] (33.4)

304. OM MAHASHANAYA NAMA: महाशनाय नम:
Possesses great hungry to devour Seven worlds.

In Kumbakonam, Sri Sudarshana graces with Sri Vijayalakshmi Thayar. Sri Chakrapani is considered as another form of the Lord. Mamangam Kulam [மாமாங்கம் குளம்] is famous and once in Twelve years devotees from all over India assemble and take bath. Also on Akshaya Tridiyai [அக்ஷய திருதீயை], the rare festival of 12 Garuda seva, is celebrated annually. Mahasana means great eater! His food is all great Seven worlds, seven oceans and seven great mountains. After devouring all these, His hunger is not satisfied! Then, the Lord as an Infant, is lying on a tender banyan leaf! Why does He suck His toe? Great persons say that by sucking amrut flowing in His Divine feet, all, stored in His stomach, are properly protected!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

SVS 323 [Naikamayo - 303] (33.3)

303. OM NAIKAMAYAYA NAMA: नैकमायाय नम:
Possesses many amazing actions like reclining as an infant on a floating banyan tender leaf.

We are in Sri Ramaswamy temple in Kumbakonam. The idols of Sri Rama in Vaduvur, Thillaivilagam and Kumbakonam have an unique charm! He was like Moon for Chakora birds of people of Ayodya, says Swami Vedanta Desika! Valmiki's Srimad Ramayana was sang before Sri Rama in Ayodya, by Lava and Kusha, to the accompaniment of Veena instrument. Likewise, in this temple Hanuman is holding Veena and singing before Sri Rama! Naikamaya means not one maya [miracle], but many! Maya, here does not mean illusion. Sri Sita got Her name as She was found while ploughing the Earth, to perform Yagna. His Vishwaroopam is another Maya. In a ocean with large waves, the Lord sleeps on a tender leaf floating on water. This was after He swallowed all Universe and stored in His stomach! It is beyond our imagination! We can not find answer to the question, where the leaf came from? Thiruppanalwar says Aala ma maratthin ilai mel oru balaganai Gyalam ezhum undan [ஆல மா மரத்தின் இலை மேல் ஒரு பாலகனாய், ஞாலம் ஏழும் உண்டான்].

Monday, May 18, 2009

SVS 322 [Yugavarto - 302] (33.2)

302. OM YUGAVARTAYA NAMA: युगावर्ताय नम:
Creates a cycle of the Four yugs.

We are in Sri Ramaswamy temple in Kumbakonam for today's [19th May 2009] lecture. It is very famous and the Lord is in Pattabhishekam [Coronation]. Temple has wonderful paintings and sculptures. Entire Ramayana is depicted in colorful paintings. The Lord is accompanied by Sri Sita, His Four brothers, Vibheeshana, Hanuman and others. The Lord has ordained that the Four yugs follow a cycle. The Lord says He appears in every yug, when there is loss of Dharma. In Raghuveera gadyam, Swami Vedanta Desika says that Sri Rama who appeared in Treta yug, established the superior Dharma of Krita yug!

SVS 321 [Yugadigrud - 301] (33.1)

301. OM YUGADIKRUTE NAMA: युगादिकृते नम:
Re-creates after deluge or pralaya.

From now on till Divine name 313, the 14th petal [தளம் दल] starts according to Swami Parasara Bhatta. In this, Divine names pertaining to the Lord, after pralaya are mentioned. From now on, every Friday, answer to questions would be made.
The Lord during pralaya is Sri Vatapatra Sayi [ஸ்ரீ வட பத்ர சாயீश्री वट पत्र सायी]. Today's [18th May 2009] lecture is from Sri Adi Varaha temple in Kumbakonam. Here also the pond is misused and abused. While visiting a temple, we should see all works like compound wall, pond, etc., and not merely visit the garbhagruha. There is a pralaya, when lord Brahma goes to sleep. But there is a greater pralaya, when his term expires! Then the Lord again starts creations. before that the Lord as a tiny baby, is seen on a tender banyan leaf, afloat on water. All Universe and all Worlds are in His stomach!

Friday, May 15, 2009

SVS 320 [Prabhu: - 300] (32.10)

300. OM PRABHAVE NAMA: प्रभवे नम:
Has the capacity to attract minds of everyone.

Sri Thayar of this Bhaskara Kshetram is Sri Komalavalli Thayar [ஸ்ரீ கோமளவல்லி தாயார்]. She is in separate sannidhi . Behind the temple is Potramarai Kulam [பொற்றாமரைக்குளம் ]. Thirumangai Alwar has praised the Car [ther தேர்] of this temple, which is gigantic and in past, it has taken so many days to return to its base after procession. Taking bath in this pond on specific days, will grant us many benefits; but as usual, we do not maintain the pond clean. Should we not ponder over this? Prabhu means Lord. Everyone prays Sri Maha Lakshmi for wealth. During Amruta matanam, Sri Maha Lakshmi emerged. Her mere passing glance, got many Devas, their lost position and wealth. But only One Person was minding His business and was not looking at Her! She was surprised and looked at Him constantly; and He became the Lord of entire Universe!

bhootha-bhavya-bhavannATHah pavanah-pAvanO nalah | kAmahA kAmakrth-kAnthah kAmah kAma-pradhah prabhuh || (32)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

SVS 319 [Kamaprada: - 299] (32.9)

299. OM KAMAPRADAYA NAMA: कामप्रदाय नम:
Whatever is desired is granted.

The Lord grants whatever we desire. After all we do things expecting a reward! We desire health, wealth, etc. Many can grant these, but only the Lord Sri Janardhana, can grant all these and Moksham! In Kumbakonam, there lived a couple, who did not have any child. They prayed to Sri Aaravamuda and decided that if a child was born, he would be dedicated in His service. They got a son and named him, Lakshmi Narayana. He remained bachelor and spent all his life in His service. Once Lakshmi Narayana died on Aippasi Amavasya, that is on Deepavali day. Being a bachelor, there was no one to perform last rites. In Srimad Ramayana, Sri Rama performed last rites of Jatayu, a vulture! When Ravana was killed, Sri Rama asked Vibheeshana to do the last rites for his brother. When Vibheeshana showed reluctance, Sri Rama offered to do the last rites for Ravana Himself! Later, Vibheeshana did the last rites. In Kumbakonam, the Lord did the last rites for Lakshmi Narayana!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

SVS 318 [Kama: - 298] (32.8)

298. OM KAMAYA NAMA: कामाय नम:
He granted Manmadha [Love god], the power of amour, to mesmerize the World.

Like in Srirangam, the Lord is reclining; but He is in utthana sayana, that is He is about to raise up! Alwar pities that because of tiredness in rescuing His devotees, the Lord is resting! So as He was about to raise to welcome Alwar, Alwar hurriedly requested Him not to take that trouble! Main sannidhi has Two entrances - Uttharayana and Dakshinayana gates, each opened alternately after Six months! In Aparyamruta sopanam, the great Acharya, Swami Thirukkudanthai Desika, describes the beauty of the Lord Sri Sarngapani!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

SVS 317 [Kantha: - 297] (32.7)

297. OM KANTHAYA NAMA: कान्ताय नम:
With Divine form and others, desired by all.

Kantha means Husband or Darling. The Lord was so beautiful that He was attracted by even enemies like Surpanaka and Ravana. If we commit sins, we can wash them in sacred places; sins committed in sacred places could be washed in Kasi. What about sins committed in Kasi? They could be nullified only in Kumbakonam! Mahamaha popularly known as Mamanga [மாமாங்கம்] pond is very famous. The Lord Sri Aravamuda was responsible for Nalayira Divya Prabhandam now available to us. Listening to the Ten pasurams on Sri Aravamuda, Swami Nathamuni, was desirous to know all pasurams, started his search and after herculean efforts obtained all the pasurams of Nalayira Divya Prabhandam, from Nammalwar directly. He then preached to his disciples, who sang them in proper metre and in melodious tunes!

Monday, May 11, 2009

SVS 316 [Kamakrut - 296] (32.6)

296. OM KAMAKRUTE NAMA: कामकृते नम:
In His devotees, desire in Him, is induced by Him.

We are now in Thirukkudanthai [திருக்குடந்தை] aka Kumbakonam. The Lord is Sri Sarngapani or Sri Aaramuda Azhvan. This Divine name says that the Lord grows desire in us! Earlier, He is responsible for destroying our inferior desires and changing them as desires in Him. Here, the Lord cultivates desire in Him! Aaravamudan means never satisfied [in drinking] the nectar of the Lord. Amudam is nectar got out of churning ocean. But here, He is the nectar obtained by churning Vedas, by Nammalwar!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

SVS 315 [Kama: - 295] (32.5)

295. OM KAMAGHNE NAMA: कामघ्ने नम:
For those desiring in His qualities, other desires in them are destroyed.

Desires can not be nullified. Even a person wanting to kill desires, desires to kill them! So desire lingers in some form! Sri Andal, that is why says, matrai nam kamangal matru [மற்றை நம் காமங்கள் மாற்று..]! Villagers in Alagar malai, donate the produce from their fields on Chitra Pournami day. Prahalada prays that he should be blessed with the same desire, which we normally have in Worldly matters, at His Divine feet!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

SVS 314 [Anala: - 294] (32.4)

294. OM ANALAYA NAMA: अनलाय नम:
Unsatisfied with any amount of help to the devotees.

For Madhurakavi Alwar, Nammlwar was all and he said he did not know any other God. Swami Vedanta Desika that is why says the by following God, one might get some sufferings; but those following His devotees are free from any suffering. An Acharya is necessary. While Sri Ranganatha is urangum perumal [உறங்கும் பெருமாள்], an Acharya is ulavum perumal [உலாவும் பெருமாள்]! Anala means fire. It purifies and its capacity to devour is limitless. A whole city or forest could be consumed by flames! Similarly, the Lord can not be satisfied easily, in rendering help. Sri Krishna at the end of His Avatar, felt that He had not helped enough, Draupati. This is, in spite of granting sarees to save her modesty and waging Mahabharatha war to kill all those who were responsible in that indecent act!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

SVS 313 [Paavano - 293] (32.3)

293. OM PAAVANAYA NAMA: पावनाय नम:
Blesses sacred things like Ganges, with sanctity.

Like Madurakavi Alwar, Swami Nadathur Ammal [நடாதூர் அம்மாள்] was also born in Chitrai - Chitra [சித்திரை-சித்திரை]. We should realize the greatness of our Acharyas. Their birth days should be celebrated to spread the message to our progeny. He was born as Vatsya Varada Guru and was a very great devotee of Lord Varadaraja of Kanchi! He would offer milk to the Lord, in the night, with as much care as a mother would and so he was called by the Lord Himself, as 'amma' [அம்மா in Tamil, mother]. He thus became Swami Nadathur Ammal! The Lord is sacred and no blemishes could be attributed to Him. Thus the water used by lord Brahma to wash His Divine feet, when He raised His leg in Sri Trivikrama Avatar and when it reached Satya Loka, became sacred and flowed as Ganga! Lord Shiva realizing the sanctity of that water, received it on his head and got sanctified.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

SVS 312 [Pavana: - 292] (32.2)

292. OM PAVANAYA NAMA: पवनाय नम:
He is the motive force in wind; His blessings are responsible for wind energy.

We are in Neeralur, on the National Highway between Chennai and Bangalore. It is believed that Swami Ramanuja appeared as a snake and showed the Jeer of Sri Ahobnila Mutt, presence of water here! Vimanam is called Jala koti vimanam. Here many people pray to Vimanam, sanctified by the Jeer! We can see Sri Ugra Narasimha, Who has been guarding this temple. There is no separate sannidhi for Sri Thayar. Pavana means wind. Wind causes waves in ocean and as hurricane, could cause extensive devastation. Once a test of strength was organized between Adisesha and Vayu [Pavana], according to Sri Venkatachala Mahatmyam. While Adisesha coiled around a hill, Vayu was to show his might and throw away the mountain. Despite full strength, Vayu could not even shake the mountain. Vayu feared defeat and the Lord signalled Adisesha to slightly relent and Vayu was able to force a piece of the mountain to fly and this dropped on Earth as Tirumala hills!

Monday, May 4, 2009

SVS 311 [Bhootha bhavya bhavannatha - 291] (32.1)

291. OM BHOOTHA BHAVYA BHAVAN NATHAYA NAMA: भूतभव्यभवन्नाथाया नम:
He is the Lord in all the three times [past, present and future].

Ten Divine names are to be found in this sloka 32. Thus according to Swami Prasara Bhatta's commentary on SVS, 300 Divine names of the Lord would get completed in this sloka! Today's [4th May 2009] lecture is from Neeralur [நீரளூர்], near Kanchipuram. Once poet Avvaiyar, cursed this place to go dry; but the 6th Jeer of Sri Ahobhila Mutt, prayed and got water, which is aplenty now. This place is also called Sri Bhashya puram. This Jeer was the one who entered the cave in Ahobhilam and is believed to be alive even today inside the cave. It is also believed that Sri Vamana of Thiruvaranvilai in Kerala, is gracing here. The Lord here is Sri Veetrirundha Narayana [ஸ்ரீ வீற்றிருந்த நாராயணன்]. This Divine name was earlier mentioned in SVS 11 as Bhhotabhavyabhavat Prabhu. Both Divine names 4 and 291 convey the same. It is the custom of great people to repeat important things. He is the Lord of all at all times. While there are many as leaders in this World and in other worlds like heaven and Sathya loka, they are temporary and persons occupying will come back after tenure is over! But the Lord, unequalled and unsurpassed, is the Leader always in the past, present and in future!

Friday, May 1, 2009

SVS 310 [Satya Dharma Parakrama: - 290] (31.7)

290. OM SATYADHARMAPARAKRAMAYA NAMA: सत्यधर्मं पराक्रमाय नम:
He protects the Universe, without causing any blemish to His auspicious qualities or to His valour.

Poigai Alwar was born in Thiruvekkha. Thirumazhisai Alwar lived here. Acharyas like Swami Desika and Swami Manavala Mamunigal lived here. When Thirumazhisai Alwar's disciple was exiled from this place, Alwar also went away; he ordered the Lord also to follow them! King got frightened and requested Alwar to return along with the disciple. He agreed and ordered the Lord also to return! Therefore, the Lord is sonna vannam seyyum Perumal. Though the Lord is the mightiest, He is also compassionate to His devotees. There is a place Orirukkai [ஓரிருக்கை] near Kanchi, where Alwar with disciple and the Lord of Thiruvekkha, stayed for one night, before returning to their place! In Srimad Ramayana, while fighting Indrajit, Lakshmana, sent a missile after proclaiming that if Sri Rama were righteous and had real valour, that missile should kill Indrajit. And Indrajit was killed! He is therefore, satyadharma parakrama! We can see the pond in which Poigai Alwar was born. It is our duty to maintain it clean.

amrthAmshoodbhavO bhAnuh shashabindhuh sureshvarah | aushadham jagathah-sethuh sathya-dharma-parAkramah ||(31)