Friday, July 17, 2009

SVS 360

Q & A
In the last Q&A session, a question was raised regarding dress code to attend temples. Some are still raising doubts. It is difficult to satisfy all. Like other holy books of other religions, Vedas are the main reference for us, as told by Sri Krishna. In this also Vedas or Shastras have to be followed. It is said that Shastras are more considerate than Thousand mothers.

Q: What is Ekadasi and how it has to be followed?

A: Ekadasi is the Eleventh phase of the Moon, after Amavasya [New Moon] or Pournami [Full Moon]. We have to observe upavasa [fasting] on that day. In case full starvation is not possible, we have to avoid full rice that day. That is rice can be broken and cooked. Or, other tiffin items or fruits can be consumed.

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