Thursday, July 16, 2009

SVS 359 [Purandara: - 336] (36.9)

336. OM PURANDARAYA NAMA: पुरन्दराय नम:
Destroys the Cities of Asuras.

Today's lecture is from Panchavati, near Nasik.

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Panchavati means Five banyan trees. There is a museum depicting incidents in Ramayana. Purandara means burning down 'puri' or towns. At this place Lord Sri Rama, without any assistance, destroyed 14,000 Rakshasas. Swami Desika says it was like a great elephant effortlessly destroying lotus pond! The Lord destroyed Tripura.

skandah skanda-dharO dhuryO varadO vAyuvAhanah | vAsudevO brhadbhAnur - Adidevah purandarah || (36)

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